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Posted on April 21 2015

Why 5 days of wraps and 2 days of Nude..

Your nails need to breathe. Having them wrapped or even covered with polish for too long could weaken the nails. 

The Bonzi Weekly Routine is a balanced nail care routine to maintain healthy nails while using nail wraps. The key thing is to moisture on the days where your nails are free from wraps.

A special pick by Bonzi is the St Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion made from Oatmeal and Shea Butter. It smells really mild and calming, and best of it all - it moisturizes fingers and hands. Try it if you haven't. 

5 days of beautifully wrapped nails. These are the best days - to have nails wrapped with art that best express your style. Change them every 5 days or 3 days depending on how much you love to see your nails stands out in different looks be it a minimalist, glitter and glamour, or bold and fancy. 

When wrapping nails, base coat is an option because it doesn't stain your nails anyway. And always remember - file the excess on a downward motion. Use glass file if possible (We will write about glass file in future perhaps). Lovely tool and good for the nails as well.  When peeling, try doing it during a hot shower. EASY PEASY under the running water you can just peel the wraps off. Nails will be dry after, that's when you start the moisturizing and rejuvenating steps mentioned above.

It's going to be a fun year ahead with Nail Fashion.

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