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Q. What are BONZI Nail Wraps?

A. They are adhesive nail designs for your nails. Easy to apply. No drying time required and no smudging.


Q. How do I apply them?

A. Easy Steps. Just peel and stick on nails. Kindly refer to the application page for more details. 


Q. How long does the nail last? 

A. With proper application it should last up to 7 days or more. 


Q. Are the nail wraps waterproof? 

A. Yes they are. However, it may peel off if soaked in warm water for too long. 


Q. Should I apply topcoat on my nail wraps?

A. It depends on individual. We would suggest a topcoat that works well with the wraps that makes it looks glossier. However, take note that some topcoat may cause nail wraps to shrink. Always try applying on one finger first.


Q. How do I remove the nail wraps? 

A. You may choose to use normal nail polish remover or; soak nails in warm water, rub it with hand oil/cream and gently peel off.









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