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How To Apply Bonzi Nail Wraps 

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Written Instructions:

  1. Make sure nails are clean and oil free. 
  2. Select an appropriate size of nail wrap.
  3. Peel off clear protective layer then hold silver tab and peel nail wrap off from paper.
  4. Align curved edge of nail wrap against your cuticle. Smooth and stretch from cuticle base to tip of nail.
  5. Remove excess of nail wrap with nail file provided.
  6. Add a suitable top coat for a finishing touch.


  • Clean nails before application with nail polish remover.
  • Use a base coat to protect nails.
  • In absence of nail file you may use your fingernails to scrap off excess of nail wrap.
  • Start applying nail wraps on the pinky finger first.
  • Nail wraps are slightly stretchable. You may stretch it to fit nails better.
  • Some top coat which are quick to dry may cause nail wraps to shrink. Try it on pinky finger first to check on the effect.
  • Top coat application may take sometime to dry. Be patient. It is optional but definitely makes nail wraps longer lasting.  

How To Remove Bonzi Nail Wraps 

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 Written Instructions:

  1. Rub a generous amount of Vaseline, body lotion or body oil on nails.
  2. Peel gently from the sides and let lotion seep underneath the wrap.
  3. Rub and peel gently for all nails.
  4. Or - you can peel it off gently on running water during shower. 


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